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Cadet Senior Grade Ren

Name Riaothren ch'Shaorhs

Position Counselor

Rank Cadet Senior Grade


Age 21
Gender Chan
Species Andorian
Pronouns He/him/his
Orientation Homosexual/Demisexual


Birth Date June 1, 2239
Birth Place Andoria
Languages Andorian and Federation standard
Citizenship United Federation of Planets


Height 5'11
Weight 175
Build Willowy
Hair Color White
Eye Color Amber
Features Riaothren, or Ren to almost everyone but his parents, is a chan. One of two Andorian male genders, the other being thaan. Because he is a chan, his features are more delicate and refined. At 5’11” he is shorter than a thaan would be and his body is more willowy. He doesn’t look bulky or particularly muscular, he doesn’t even have what pinkskins would call a six-pack. Nonetheless, he is wiry and his muscles are tightly corded.

His hair is white like all Andorians and worn a little on the long side. It is constantly falling onto his forehead and he has an unconscious habit of pushing it back up. The more flustered he gets, the more he pushes his hair back. His eyes are amber a trait that is uncommon in his species, but not as rare as it is with humans.

His antennae are on the top of his forehead just at his hairline just above the outside corner of each eye. Those antennae are in motion more than they are at rest.

His hands are long and delicate looking like a Terran pianist’s hands might be. And he moves with athletic grace. He could wear trendy clothing if he wanted and on some special occasions does. However, for the most part, prefers comfortable to stylish.


Profession Starfleet Cadet
Expertise Psychology, Diplomacy
Posting USS Jupiter NCC-1024
Skillset Shan-dru-shann (Andorian martial art similar to Aikido) painting sketching, piano


Typology ESFJ — Extraordinarily caring, social and popular people, always eager to help.
Demeanor Ren is a man of honor who believes in structure and usually colors within the lines. But he doesn't blindly accept the status quo. He has a protective, nurturing nature and hates bullies.

He prefers to use his words to resolve a situation but still struggles with a short temper.

He has a natural empathy and desire to help others.
Strengths Ren’s first course of action when confronted with a sticky situation is to use his charm, a winning smile, and words.

He has a logical mind and is good at math and science skills that require following formulas and patterns.

While by no means a social butterfly, he is hardly shy and easily interacts with almost everyone.
Weaknesses When he doesn’t see a peaceful option open to him. His almost immediate response is to use his fists. He has to fight that urge to give in to his Andorian heritage.

Though he does have a logical mind, he tends to rely on his intuition and instincts which aren't always right.

He has some trust issues He knows intellectually he should be more trusting and open, but there is a difference between knowing and knowing.

Motivations When Ren first entered the Academy, he was leaning toward a career in Engineering. He thought he had the aptitude for it. But, he switched to the Counseling track after his first year. He had to deal with his own personal issues and he was only able to effectively do so through the help of a counselor and in working those things out he discovered that he had the ability to help others overcome their emotional challenges and he found he was pretty good at reading people.
Interests Ren has an artistic bent predominately sketching and painting, but he has tried his hand at sculpture as well. He is proficient, though by no means an expert in Shan-dru-shann, an unarmed Andorian martial art most similar to Terran Aikido with an emphasis on blocks, joint locks, and throws. It focuses on using the opponents against them.

He likes strategy games like chess, Go, Kal-toh, and Dom-Jet.


Family Fathers: Ashav ch’ashaoneq 41, Tynoss th’Shaorhs 43
Mothers Thiri zh’zyllir, 39, Pellaos Sh'zerross 45
Brothers: None
Sisters: Asisho zh’Sharorhs 24, Desyrel zh’Sharorhs 20
Other Family: Various uncles, aunts, and cousins

Romances None currently


Personal Items Aquarium His chan's ushaan
Working Space His office is clean and neat. It most resembles a Terran living room with a couch, a loveseat, a couple of comfortable chairs a desk with a computer, and a viewport, which he usually keeps open unless it distracts a patient.

He will sometimes display one of his own paintings
Living Space He's by no means a slob, he does like order, but his personal quarter is his so, he doesn't keep things as rigidly clean as he does his office. He has two aquariums, a small one in his bedroom and a larger one in his living room. He has hung some of his paintings and sketches throughout his quarters.

He's set up a mini-studio in a corner of his living room.


Early Life Ren was born on June 1, 2239, on Andor. His older sister Asish’s birth had come rather quickly just a year after the th’ Sharohs family became a union in 2235 His conception was seen as a blessing as his parents had made several failed attempts to have additional children. His birth was celebrated not just by his immediate family but by the community of New Sheras as well as the Andorian race is a slowly dying one. His younger sister Desyrel was born a year after him and though they tried many subsequent times, they were never able to have children again.

His tharan Tynoss was a member of the Imperial Guard and was a fast-rising star within that military organization.

His charan was an ambassador to the Klingon Empire. While by no means a pacifist, he was more inclined to use his words first and violence second.

His sharan was an artist

His zharan was an engineering officer on board the Federation vessel the USS Yorktown.

Things were pretty normal in the th’Shaorhs family till Riaothren was about nine. Then tensions began to mount as the differences between the four partners continued to grow, exacerbated by their inability to have any more children. For the most part, at least in the beginning, the parents who all did love their children did keep the tension of their unraveling relationship to themselves, arguing in private and behind closed doors.

Perhaps the diversity of their various careers contributed to the gradual demise of their relationship as well, they were being pulled in multiple directions.

Riathtren, or Ren as he preferred to be called, was a sensitive child, at least for an Andorian and he picked up on the friction long before either of his sisters. He was drawn more towards his charan than any of his other parents because they were so much alike. Kindred spirits.

Ashav, who was the only one of his parents to consistently honor his desire to be called Ren, saw his sensitivity as something to be encouraged and molded, his tharan, Tynoss saw it as a weakness that could be exploited, that it made him weaker and less Andorian. He thought that Ashav was encouraging less Andorian behavior and coddling the boy, that he was turning him into a sharan. This only increased tensions within the family unit.

Tynoss allowed him to pursue his artistic bent but pushed Ren to be more aggressive, more Andorian. His encouragement did not go unheeded. Ren embraced both facets of his personality and became a willing and able student of Shan-dru-shann. He wasn’t afraid of challenges of any kind. He never backed down from a fight and even instigated a few when he saw someone being bullied, even if the person he was going up against was older and bigger than he was.

At the same time, he embraced his studies and took pride in his art, which he became more adept at.

He tried, rather unsuccessfully at being a mediator between his parents as the tension and friction continued to increase. He saw the writing on the wall long before any official breakup took place and did his best to maintain his relationship. At first, unlike his attempt to keep his parents together, that effort did work and he remained close to each of the four.

While he remained close to Ashav and to a slightly lesser extent Thiri his relationship with the other two, especially Tynoss, began to deteriorate. Ren was just pulled into many directions. His sisters who were ironically more compliant fared better, though they too were negatively affected.

Another reason for the growing estrangement between parents and child was that Ren realized by the age or thirteen that he was gay. This was not an issue in and of itself, although incidents of homosexuality were somewhat less than they were with humans, it was pretty much universally accepted. What did become a problem was his stated unwillingness to get married to help father children. His parents, especially Tynoss saw this as an unwillingness to help a dying race, he thought that to deny who he was, just to be a father was rank hypocrisy and he steadfastly refused to do so. Only Ashav supported his position.

Shortly after Ren turned fourteen his parents were legally and officially divorced and went their separate ways. The children too were separated. Ren chose to stay with Ashav, while his sisters both chose to stay with Thiri.

Even though the parents were no longer together and were far too divided to ever reconcile, they were united by their love for their children. However, they did always agree on the best way to rear them, so they would meet every three months to discuss things and allow the kids to visit with each other and each of the parents, even the ones that did not have primary custody.

When he was 15, Tynoss and Ashav got into an argument that started with an undisclosed minor issue that quickly morphed into an even bigger issue from their past. Ashav, perhaps goaded into it by Tynoss, challenged him to an Ushaan duel. Tynoss won the duel, killing Ashav in the process.

No charges were pressed while an Ushaan between close family members might have been frowned upon, it wasn’t illegal. However, there was no way that Ren was going to live with the one who killed the parent he was closest to. Harsh words were exchanged and Thirit wound up taking custody of Ren.

Life aboard the Yorktown has not been easy for Ren. He’s finding it difficult to deal with the death of Ashav, which he blames on himself to some degree, he thinks he was the cause of the original disagreement. Getting into, even starting fights may have been acceptable in Andorian culture, but it is not within the rest of the Federation and Ren has been getting into his share of altercations since coming on board the Yorktown.

With Yorktown being diverted on a clandestine mission that will take them into harm’s way she has set the two girls to live with her parents, but has asked her friend Commander Anderson to take Ren on board his ship the USS Asger.

Things were a little bumpy at first, but Commander Anderson was a good role model, better than his parents. He gradually turned his life around, quit fighting(as much), and decided to pursue a career in Starfleet.
Adulthood When he first entered the Academy in 2354 he was planning on becoming an engineer. But he was still dealing with some issues, particularly his chan's death and family estrangement. He was required to see a counselor on a weekly basis.

The more time he spent with her, the more in control of his life he became. As a result of defeating his inner demons(for the most part) he came to realize he was better equipped to help fix people instead of things. He had an affinity for the latter and a passion for the former.

The only discipline issue he had after his freshman year was an incident where he and the Academy Comandant's son "borrowed" a Captain''s Yacht.
Medical History His antennae provide another level of sensory input. They are able to detect changes in atmospheric pressure, detect electrical fields, and temperature changes. When he concentrates he can single out bioelectrical signals nearby. Among other positives, this makes him difficult to sneak up on, at least if he’s alone.

However, they are not the most effective sensory organ, as they can be thrown off by picking up strong emotions through surges in adrenaline, or teptaline or even detecting overheated equipment. If one were to be cut off it not only would throw off his balance, but it would make him feel very vulnerable like any other species that has loses one of its senses.

He could compensate for that loss but it would take a day or two, and he would not only feel vulnerable, he would be. He would need help navigating and walking.
They can grow back, but it does nine months to do so, unless treated, in which case it takes half that time.

They are especially sensitive to touch which on the positive side stroking them can be pleasurable and would even be considered an erroneous zone, but on the negative side, pinching or pulling on them can be very painful. And he doesn’t like just anyone touching them.

Even as a chan, is stronger than a human and like the rest of his species is capable of living rather comfortably in a wide variety of conditions from very cold to very hot. However, he does tire more easily than Terrans and other species after physical exertion and is more vulnerable to phase-pulse attacks. Having a higher metabolism, which means that he tends to eat a lot. Sometimes four meals a day, with a snack thrown in as well.

Because of a higher cartilage-to-bone ratio, it makes it more difficult for him to break a bone than most species, especially humans, but if that were to happen, it would take him two to three times longer to recover and heal.

Intravenous injections are impossible and any injections must be intramuscular
Service Record 2354-2360 Starfleet Academy
2360- Present USS Jupiter


Species & Cultural Notes He’s known since he was thirteen that he was attracted to boys and not girls. His parents don’t particularly care about that, what they do care about is that the Andorian race is one that is slowly dying. It was not easy for his mothers to get pregnant and their family of three is rather large by Andorian standards. They would not have a problem with him having a male lover when the time comes, as long as he was willing to consent to raising a family. But he has no desire to do so.

At this point, he’s looking for emotional rather than physical intimacy, but he couldn’t see himself being with a woman. The thought of starting a family, just for the sake of bringing children into the world seems rather hypocritical to him.

That hypocrisy is heightened since his family had recently broken up, and the pressure of four different careers and priorities led to irreconcilable differences.