The Sim

The USS Jupiter is a Hernandez-class starship serving as a Starfleet Academy training vessel, operating in early 2260.

With the exception of the command staff and a small handful of officers acting as observers from the Academy, all characters — specifically all Playing Characters (PCs) — are Starfleet Academy cadets. In addition, all PCs must either be 3rd or 4th years and 18 years or older.

Department Head (DH) positions are typically reserved for 4th Year / Senior Cadets. In the event that no 4th Year / Senior Cadets are available to fill a DH position, a suitable candidate may be chosen from 3rd Year / Junior Cadets.

1st Year / Freshman Cadets and 2nd Year / Sophomore Cadets may be present on the ship as NPCs in the form of temporary crew or per assignment. For writing purposes, these cadet characters must also be over the age of 18.

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