Cadet Senior Grade Bryce Bakker

Name Bryce William Bakker

Position Chief Security Officer

Rank Cadet Senior Grade


Age 20
Gender Demigod (Human)
Pronouns He/Him
Orientation Pansexual


Birth Date 17/10/2240
Birth Place Cupid Colony
Languages English
Citizenship United Federation of Planets


Height 6’ 2” (1.88 m)
Weight 158 lbs (72 kgs)
Build Muscular
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Blue


Profession Starfleet Cadet 4th Year
Expertise Security and Tactical
Posting USS Jupiter
Skillset High grades for marksmanship, Slight advantage in strength but within human standards


Typology ENTJ — Bold, imaginative and strong-willed leaders, always finding a way... or making one.
Demeanor Bryce stands tall, strong and powerfully in command of his faculties. He can be considered the party pooper, unless the party is worth his time...
Strengths + Excellent physical shape and endurance
+ Strong sense of loyalty
+ Pride as the first Starfleet cadet - from his Colony - set to graduate from Starfleet Academy
Weaknesses - Raised in poor conditions until Starfleet's arrival, Cupipd Colony was a Colony ship sent from Earth in the 2100's and before WWIII
- Often joked about because of his good looks, most people say he can stop a fight with his face alone
- Tends to overthink his physical condition as he was a scrawny child
Motivations To bring hope to other places, as Starfleet brought hope to Cupid Colony
Interests Reading, target practice, hand-to-hand combat training and learning new forms, gyn, gym, gym


Family Rebecca Bakker
Friendships Cadet Ren
Romances Single - The Academy was a whirlwind of bedmates


Personal Items His father left a single, golden arrowhead which he wears around his neck, as if a joke, his father left an equal arrowhead of lead. It sits in a small box among his stored belongings.
Working Space Always tidy, you'll find Bryce expects at least as much effort as he puts in, and he rarely knocks off early.
Living Space Typical to senior staff officer's on a starship, his living quarters aren't large by any standard. In Europe, he lived in what they would call a bedsit, but it was more space than he and his mother shared on Cupid Colony.


Adulthood Bryce was amazed the day a sparkling particle beam of lights turned into men from Earth. Almost two hundred years after their colony ship had launched, the struggling colony was rediscovered by a ship called the USS Franklin and a man named Captain Coleman. Bryce couldn't have been more than five years old, but it was a moment that changed his life and set him on a new course.

Within five years, his mother had saved enough money to make transit to Earth, a paradise