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Lieutenant Commander Geneva Kysler

Name Geneva Arden Kysler

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander


Age 50
Gender Female
Species Human
Pronouns She, Her, Hers
Orientation Demiromantic Demisexual


Birth Date 27 July 2209
Birth Place Geneva, Earth
Languages English (N), Federation Standard
Citizenship United Federation of Planets


Height 5'5"
Build Slender
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Light Brown


Profession Starfleet Officer
Expertise Astrophysics (Stellar Evolution, Subspace Topology)
Posting USS Jupiter NCC-1024


Typology INTP — Innovative inventors with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge.
Demeanor Geneva carries herself with a confident yet approachable demeanor, exuding a blend of wit, intelligence, and charm. Her sharp and sarcastic wit adds a layer of playfulness to her interactions, while her dry and sometimes dark humour injects levity into even the most serious situations. While Geneva can maintain a cool and calm demeanor in stressful situations, she can also get easily caught up and distressed by seemingly insignificant matters.


Family Parents – Gustav Kysler, Genevieve Arden



Early Life Geneva Kysler was born in 2209 in Geneva, Earth, to Gustav Kysler and Genevieve Arden. Her father was an accomplished scientist who won the Zee-Magnees Prize for his work on Hydaelyn, a living star. As a child, Geneva attended school on Earth and stayed with her grandparents while her parents studied the star Hydaelyn on the Hydaelyn Observatory.

When she was ten years old, Geneva went to live with her parents on the Hydaelyn Observatory. However, tragedy struck when her mother died after ejecting herself in a lifepod into Hydaelyn. Two more mysterious deaths followed, and the Federation Science Council withdrew its support for the mission, causing the observatory to be abandoned. Geneva and her father returned to Earth, but her mother's death created a distance between them. In 2224, Geneva's father left Earth on a civilian mission to chart stellar phenomena while Geneva stayed with her grandparents.
Adulthood After graduating high school in 2226, Geneva joined her father on his civilian ship charting stellar phenomena. While onboard, she began her studies in astronomy and subspace physics, and she and her father became close again. After five years in space with her father, Geneva took a break to attend astrophysics classes at the University of New York on Earth. It was there that she was approached by a Starfleet Academy recruiter to join Starfleet, but she declined at first, planning instead to rejoin her father as soon as she finished up her degree. However, her father's ship mysteriously disappeared while on a stellar charting mission. With her father gone, Geneva joined Starfleet in the hopes that it might afford her the opportunity to learn more about his disappearance.

After graduating from the Academy in 2235, Geneva was assigned to a Starfleet research outpost on Caraxia IV. While there, she continued her postgraduate studies in astrophysics and subspace topology. In 2239, she was successful in applying for a starship posting and was assigned as Chief Science Officer of the USS Heyerdahl NCC-0714, a surveyor ship operating on the edge of Federation space.

In 2245, while surveying the Tau Lyrae system, Heyerdahl came under attack by two ships from a dissident Cardassian military faction, causing the ship to crash on the ocean moon of one of the system's gas giants. A small number of the crew survived, among which Geneva was one, but they were only rescued after four months. Following the incident, Geneva chose to transfer to Reserve status within Starfleet and underwent treatment for post-traumatic stress.

After taking some time off for herself, Geneva was selected by the Federation Science Council in 2247 to head up a project similar to the Hydaelyn observation mission to study Sigma Trianguli A. Geneva found herself following in her father's footsteps by leading a team and overseeing the setting up of the Sigma Trianguli A Observatory. During her time at the observatory, the information gathered on Sigma Trianguli A appeared to be largely inconclusive, and by 2256 she was recalled to active duty when the Klingon-Federation war broke out. She was given the rank of Lieutenant Commander and assigned as Chief Science and First Officer of the USS Reykjavik, where she befriended Lieutenant Danica Lukas.

During the Battle of Roh Antares in 2257, Geneva became acting CO of the USS Reykjavik following the death of the captain. She managed to eliminate a pursuing group of Klingon birds-of-prey by ordering Reykjavik into the path of a solar flare without significantly damaging the ship, but causing significant losses to the Klingons. The ship was later heavily damaged during one of the final battles of the war and was subsequently decommissioned. Despite the loss of the Reykjavik, Geneva's bravery during the Battle of Roh Antares did not go unnoticed. After the war, she was considering resigning from Starfleet completely, but she was convinced by Captain Ben Michaelson to transfer to Reserves instead and offered a professorship at Starfleet Academy. Deciding to take the Academy up on its offer, Geneva began teaching Evolutionary Astrophysiology and Intersectional Subspace Topology the following semester at the Academy.
Service Record 2231 to 2235: Accepted to Starfleet Academy, major in astrophysics.

2235 to 2239: Assigned to Starfleet Research Outpost on Caraxia IV, rank Ensign, as Junior Science Officer. Continued post-graduate studies in astrophysiology.

2239 to 2245: Assigned to the USS Heyerdahl, rank Lieutenant, as Chief Science Officer.

2245: Transferred to Starfleet Reserves.

2247: Heads up project researching Sigma Trianguli A as a potential candidate for being a living star on the Sigma Trianguli Observatory.

2256 to 2257: Reactivated at outbreak of war. Chief Science Officer and First Officer of the USS Reykjavik. Promoted to acting CO following death of captain during the Battle of Roh Antares.

2258: Offered teaching position at Starfleet Academy, teaching Evolutionary Astrophysiology and Intersectional Subspace Topology.

2260: Assigned as CO of the USS Jupiter NCC-1024, a Starfleet Academy training vessel.