Cadet Senior Grade Nimm Kandu

Name Nimm Hral-Tzarin Ureon Kandu Ashadakar

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Cadet Senior Grade


Age 21. In Orion terms, he is 28 Seasons old, or 7 Cycles. A year on Orion is more than three times as long as an Earth-Year
Gender Male
Species Orion
Pronouns He/They
Orientation Pansexual* / Demiromantic


Birth Date 2237
Birth Place Ashadake, Orion I
Languages Ureon (N), Kolari, Orion Trader's Tongue, Federation Standard
Citizenship Orion I (Orion Free States)


Height 5'10" (1.78m)
Weight 190lbs. (86.1kg) Orions have a much denser bone and muscle structure compared to Humans, making them heavier than their builds would suggest.
Build Slender but toned
Hair Color Dark Brownish
Eye Color Cool Gray

Of average (Human) height and of a slender build, Nimm defies the stereotype of the beefy hulking Orion male that Orionese translates as a, “Ta'he Bull.” Nimm has dusky green skin with a yellowish hue, a color similar to Castelvetrano olives. He has lustrous, wavy dark brown hair that looks styled as if someone dropped a bowl on his head and buzzed much of what was beneath the rim. His eyes are a cool, grayish tone, an unusual feature for most Orions outside of Vondem. They have an impatient intensity, clearly quite intelligent and evocative, but there may be a subtle arrogance at work here- at least until he disarmingly smiles.

Nimm has features that some might find quite attractive but to Orion eyes, he is an "erratic" and considered to have "Plebian looks." He wears his hair the way he does in a subtle mockery of the Vulcan style- Orions and Vulcans do not traditionally mesh easily. And the style is somewhat en vogue on Orion at this time.

Nimm has a tattoo- it appears to be cross-like, in various shades of yellow-green, green and blue-green. It is located on his left upper arm. He also wears a double-set of copper arm ringlets on his right arm- each is inscribed with a name in Orion script. These are his Tzim-i-Xotal to the Ureon Kandu Ashadakar. He also wears a curved dagger, tied shut, on his hip which resembles a Jambiya dagger. It’s called a Chuu-yar.

Nimm dresses in the standard science cadet uniform a little over half the time or depending on the function of his duties each day. The other times, he may be in the Skant. Off duty he wears clothes with a distinctly Orion fashion to their feel and cut. The colder temperatures than Nimm is used to mean his clothes change from his quarters to the public areas of the ship.


Profession Starfleet Sciences Cadet
Expertise Space Sciences (Stellar Cartography)
Posting USS Jupiter NCC-1024
Skillset Chuu (Knife) Training - Intermediate
Environmental Survival Suit - Class II (Intermediate)
Phaser Certification - Class I (Basic)
Shuttlecraft Navigation Certificate - Class II (Intermediate)
Starship Navigational Control - Class I (Basic)
Tatharoc - Basic (stand in for Starfleet Self-Defense)
Zero-Gravity Suit Certification - Class I (Basic)


Typology ESTP — Smart, energetic and very perceptive people, who truly enjoy living on the edge.
Motivations Despite being indoctrinated into Starfleet, Nimm's motivations still have an Orion lean- and that means profit, prestige and capitalism. Knowledge doesn't just exist to be known to Nimm: it exists to then be used.



FATHER (TAHEDRIN): Kelal Kandu. Tahedrin of the Ureon Kandu Ashadakar. Front: CEO of the Nir Kandu Trade Combine, part of the Orion Free Trade Consortium
FATHER (QISHAMIN): Hral-Tzar Kandu. Captain of the Cargo Freighter Urqinzhe Sumi
MOTHER (KAHEEDI): Nera Kandu. Kaheedi of the Ureon Kandu Ashadakar. The true power behind the Nir Kandu Combine. A Customs Litigator for Ashadake and the Free Orion Trade Consortium. Has some business with the Orion Spice Trade.
MOTHER (KAEI): Ekona Kandu. Nimm’s biological mother. Pilot of the Freighter Urqinzhe Sumi and its chief negotiator.
SISTER (SIKAVI): Ren-Tzial Kandu. Older Sister. Casino Entertainer on Verex III.
BROTHER (NITASH): Aelleor Kandu. Older Half Brother. The “black sheep.” A sometimes smuggler and “side gig” Engineer for the family’s freighter Urqinzhe Sumi.
TUTOR (DALAT): Reeno. Reeno, a Chandiran male, is the Urqinzhe-Sumi’s Navigator and the trader’s face-man when doing business with the Interstellar Trade Alliance. Reeno was the informal Xenoculturalist for the crew. He acts as tutor for the children and adolescents of the crew of the ship. He tutored Aelleor and Ren-Tzial toward the end of their time aboard, and most of his time with Nimm.


Personal Items Chuu-yar and a Chukaree. A curved and a straight, stiletto-like dagger. He wears the Chuu-yar rather than the Chukaree. He keeps the Chukaree in his quarters.
Tzim-i-xotal. Two arm bands, made of copper, worn around his right bicep.
Tigan Sumi: An Orion stringed instrument. It is almost Cello-sized and sits between the knees like the Earth instrument. It has a smaller, rounder body with an extended neck. A series of keys trigger small hammers on the neck while the base is plucked. The combination of strike and pluck creates varied sound. The instrument’s tone is like a Theremin-Sitar hybrid.
Living Space

Nimm shares with one other cadet, and his living quarters are starkly divided down the long axis of the room. Nimm's is the port side, without the window. And though the bulkheads remain the same dull Starfleet gray, the ambient illumination on his side shifts from cool white to yellowish, sunset tones- from yellows at the bottom to oranges near the top.

Nimm has cordoned off his bed alcove with semi-sheer olive, satin gold and copper colored curtains which forms his "Xo-I" only zone. Standing torchiere lamps, though not true flame, flicker to give the impression of a warm and sultry settings outside his alcove around a small seating area. There is a fainting couch with low legs, and two plushly filled velour beanbag seats. There is a round table, carved ornately from a greenish-white, native Orion wood.

The overall patterns in the couch, table and bag chairs have subtle Arabesque-like geometries- triangles, hexagons, trapezoids, six-sided stars. Two wooden screens with the same arabaesque-like designs carved through them, block the Xo-I area.

Beyond the sleeping alcove is a relatively Federation looking, bland area with a desk and a wall monitor that seems perpetually showing star charts.



Species & Cultural Notes

ALNILAM: The Orion equivalent of mythical Atlantis- a group of lost, advanced Orion Qaju who disappeared (left?) Orion before the Orion Diaspora.
ASHADAKE: Lit: “Peace Loving.” A place of learning. Also, the name of an ancient Orion capital city.
ASH’K, ASHKI: Lit: “Lover.” A term of affection for someone who is more important than a sexual partner but may or may not be one’s spouse. Derived from the Kolari term for “Concubine”- Ashkrili/Ashkrilin.
BOOSKA: Shit. Used much as Humans use the term.
CLUROS: Literally: “Mask.” A complex code of public conduct practiced by some but not all Orions, emphasizing arrogance, confidence, vengeance, the economy of favors/debt and loyalty. Derived from Qolarosh (Way of Kolar).
DALAT: A Teacher or Mentor.
KAVI: Sister. Generally, implies a biological sister. Nikavi is a half-sister or non-blood sister. Sikavi is an older sister, one higher in rank in the Qaj.
KOLAR / QOLAAR: The center of several “Great Orionic Empires,” and today still a leader of Orion commerce, culture and fashion. Possibly the most successful of the Orion Colonies and the originator of many of the Orions’ most enduring traditions.
ORION DIASPORA: In ancient history, a series of immigrations, exiles and displacements from the Orion homeworld which led to the founding of the Orion Colonies. Driven by climate change, resource scarcity and warfare. Raij-Haral: “Greener Lands.”
ORION FREE TRADERS' CONSORTIUM: A quasi-organization and quasi-combine of Qaju which help oversee trade between Orions, and outsiders. They have the power to introduce new clientele to Orion corporations, and can blacklist as well.
ORION NEUTRALITY PACT: In the 23rd Century, the Orion Colonies maintain total neutrality in the conflicts and policies of non-Orion states. Instead they trade with clients and businesses regardless of their political affiliation, as long as that client has good standing with the Orion Free Trade Consortium. The Neutrality Pact is supposed to be a pact of non-aggression between the various Orion Borderland worlds.
QAHEEDI / KAHEEDI: Literally, “Mother.” A Qaheedi is the ranking female “Boss” of a given Orion Qaj. While she is de facto equal to her chosen husband, a Tahedrin, in practice the Qaheedi wields more unofficial power and influence while the Tahedrin is the “outside face” of the Qaj.
QAJ/CAJ: Pl. QAJU / CAJU: The Orion word for “Clan,” with connotations of ownership, Mafia-like family ties and loyalty implied. Most Orion Qaju have a mafia-like feel to them, with circles of trust and a hierarchy. The Qaheedi is the recognized “Boss” with her chosen husband, the Tahedrin, as her chief Enforcer.
QISHAMIN: One’s biological father, regardless of their position within the Qaj.
QOLA SYM VALQI: The Orion term for the Orion Syndicate. Literally: “Underpetals of Kolar.” Most Orions are not members of the Orion Syndicate- but most Orions know of someone in their family that is, or once was.
QOT: A geometric symbol similar to a Mon, that represents a given Qaj. All Qaju-Qot have certain requirements (guidelines) to be fulfilled before they are recognized and entered as official Qot in the Verex Archives.
TA'HE: Derived from Boss. Translates to something like a “Bull” or “Steer.” Usually male, Ta’he undergo martial training and chemical stimulants to make them hypertrophic and aggressive. Used as bodyguards, slavers, and enforcers. Ta’he are used heavily among the Xo’a Kulkaadi and the Orion Syndicate.
TAHEDRIN: Literally, “Boss.” A Tahedrin is the husband or consort of the Qaheedi and the ranking father/male of the Qaj. They act as the Qaheedi’s enforcer and “official face” of power. He represents hard power versus a Qaheedi’s soft power.
THAKOLARIVAJ: In ancient history, the first- and one of several- sector spanning Vajs dubbed “Orionic Empires” by subsequent galactic states. There were thirteen in total, but only some are labeled as “Thakolarivaj'' which means “Greater Kolar Megacorporate (or Empire)”
TASH: Brother. Implies a biological brother. Nitash is a half-brother or non-blood brother. Sitash is an older brother., one higher in rank in the Qaj.
TZIM-I-XOTAL: An armband, usually made of bronze or copper but sometimes painted in Latinum, worn by loyal, upstanding members of an individual Qaj. They signify the trading of loyalty for security between an Orion and the Qaj. Most Orions wear two- one swearing to the Tahedrin, and another swearing to the Kaheedi.
UR'EI / UR'EON: The Orion term for the Orion species. Also, the name of their ancestral homeworld. The Orions of Kolar call all Orions, “Qolaari.”
URQINZHE: An ancient spirit (goddess?) of fortune, responsible for favorable and unfavorable luck.
VAJ: The collective confederation of Qaju that form a tenuous planetary government. Vaj has been misinterpreted as “Empire” by Federation science. It’s meaning is closer to “Megacorporation.”