Cadet Senior Grade Boden Wyt

Name Boden Wyt

Position Chief Engineer

Rank Cadet Senior Grade


Age 21
Gender Male
Species Trill, Unjoined
Pronouns he/him/his
Orientation Homosexual, Demiromantic


Birth Place Trill
Languages Trill (N)
Citizenship United Federation of Planets


Height 6' 0"
Weight 165 lbs
Hair Color Chestnut Brown
Eye Color Grey Green
Features Boden is tall and slim. While he seems to be athletically built he isn't overly muscular and there is just a touch of softness to him. Like all Trill, he has the telltale spots of a Trill that follow his hairline down his neck and on to his toes. He has an expressive face and has a habit of growing out a bit of a five o'clock shadow because he thinks it makes him look older/more mature. "I look like a ten year old." - Boden, anytime he shaves. He wears his hair longer in the front and it is often messy. When he wants to look put together he has it combed over to the side with a neat part.


Profession Starfleet Officer
Expertise Warp Core Engineer
Posting USS Jupiter NNC-1024
Skillset Raised on a medical pre-symbiont track in a Commission school.


Typology INTJ — Imaginative and strategic thinkers, with a plan for everything.
Strengths Systems thinking - Boden has an almost instinctive ability to see how systems work together and to consider how they could be improved.

Excellent fact recall - Boden is a good memorizer; a vital skill for his time training as an initiate. Application of what he memorizes, though, is not always part of the deal.

Good with his hands - If Boden lived in another era he might have been a tinker. He likes the physicality of putting machines together, figuring out how they work, taking them apart, etc. He’s very good at careful, detailed work, as a result, and has steady hands.

Determined motivation for success - Boden was raised on “excellence” as the minimum required threshold. Additionally he is determined to prove to his family and anyone else who questions his decisions that Starfleet was the right and perfect fit for him.
Weaknesses Has a bit of a perfectionist streak - As a Trill pre-initiate he struggled with the pressure of needing to be “perfect” next to the competition. This is more of an ingrown habit than anything else. Perfection gets praise. Anything less does not and he is very hard on himself when he fails.

Competitive - For the most part Boden has tempered this in the Academy, but he still has an inborn desire to be better than everyone else and for that to be recognized. That can get him in trouble when working in teams and sometimes gets him a reputation for being a know it all.

Impulsive - For the most part Boden appears to be a level headed thinker when making decisions, but when he has reached a certain point of frustration or struggle, he can act impulsively with little planning.
Interests Machines or any other mechanical thing he can take apart and reassemble. He is the ultimate type of person in need of a fidget toy.

Poetry - This is a hobby he developed in his teenage years. A childhood friend, one who had left the initiate path. The other boy’s family were friends with the Wyts and Boden’s parents saw this as an opportunity for him to broaden his social horizons while still within the confines of families they trusted.

At the Academy Boden “started” all sorts of different hobbies, most of which he abandoned. The freedom of being able to choose without the watchful eye of his family or the Commission. In a sense… starting something new and then getting distracted and trying something else is a bit of a hobby.


Family Jugen (Father)
Marcopa (Mother)
Liani (Sister - 15)
Gerret (Brother - 10)



Early Life From the moment he was born his parents had plans for him. Eldest child of Marcopa and Jugen Wyt, Boden’s life was made up of opportunities and education always with the goal of achieving what his parents believed to be the highest calling and honor of any Trill–becoming a host to a Symbiont.

He attended preparatory schools focused on eeking out his strengths and focussing him on multiple disciplines where he could excel. At a young age it became apparent that he had the kind of mind that wanted to understand how things worked. His parents and teachers saw this as an indicator that medicine would be an ideal path for him and pressed him into science. By the age of 10 Boden could name every bone in the Trill body, and describe in great detail the musculature and nervous system of the Trill.

It helped that Boden was the type of child that was eager to please. He wanted his parents' approval of him and learned early on that excelling in what he was learning was the best way to garner praise from them. As a child gaining that praise fed his drive, but as a teenager he struggled with motivation. He knew that both of his parents had been initiate candidates and both had only failed to be paired with a Symbiont by a small margin. And he excelled in the science and medical learning they placed him in. But exceling wasn’t the same as feeling fulfilled and though he was good at memorizing information, what he really itched to do was work with his hands. People’s inner workings weren’t nearly so interesting as the man-made devices that he used to learn.

The first time he gave in to the desire to deviate from his training was when he took apart his learning console at the age of 12, skipping lessons to find out how the individual pieces of the machine worked together. He failed to get everything put back together in time for his absence to go unnoticed and his parents' disappointment was immense.

But he’d gotten a taste of the puzzle that was making mechanical things work together and soon he’d rebuilt the device, in his spare time, and began dismantling and rebuilding other elements. He enjoyed it so much that, despite his parents’ frustration, he began doing so with technologies used by the whole family – often to someone else’s immense consternation.

At 14 his parents relented and allowed him to take a parallel engineering track. Here he flourished. With access to resources and information, experts and training, he drank in information about systems and machines, learning at bigger and better systems until he fixated on space travel and the warp cores that powered ships.

At 16 he was beginning to go through practice evaluations, a precursor to the rigors of the final year-long evaluation process overseen by the Symbiosis Commission. Despite his clear love for engineering, much of the evaluations focused on medicine–the area he had spent more time learning and the systems used for evaluation soon began to recommend more detailed and intensive medical training–training that would take him away from the engineering track he loved.

Unbeknownst to his parents he began to plan an alternative path. Having a Wyt family member joined with a Symbiont was always his parents dream… not his… and the more he came to realize this the more he came to realize that he’d never truly wanted this in the first place. Without his parents' knowledge, but with the help of a few engineering tutors, he applied for Starfleet Academy and was accepted, leaving home just after his 17th birthday with barely half a day’s notice to his family.